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Commercial Security Cameras Overview

Commercial Security Cameras & Systems Overview In recent years, security cameras have become more & more important for businesses everywhere – when a business is your livelihood, keeping it business safe and secure is of the utmost importance. As you take the steps to making sure your security is in good hands, take a look […]

5 Tips On Making a Great Home Theater

Make a Great & Enjoyable Home Theater Today! Home theatres are becoming a popular asset to many homes, there are so many theatre add-ons & accessories, now a days, it’s hard to differentiate what will ACTUALLY make your home theatre one that you’re proud of, we are here to help-We’ve put together 5 tips on […]

From Smartphones to Smart Homes

The Clapper…the first in home automation! Remember the “Clapper”? This year it’s celebrating its 20th anniversary! It was the latest and greatest in “Smart Home automation” of its time! You could actually be in bed and turn off your lights by simply clapping your hands! From “the clicker” to the first remotes for several electronic […]

Your AV Rental Source in Western Michigan: June Weddings and Graduations

Graduation Parties & Events June continues to be the month for marking high school graduations. Graduating from high school marks the success in completing the mandatory thirteen years of education or the equivalent thereof to receive that all-important paper called a high school diploma. It is also the stepping-stone between adolescence and young adulthood. Either […]

Cable vs. Satellite: Which Should I Choose?

Cable vs. Satellite? Satellite vs Cable? Which should I choose? The answer depends on what exactly you are looking for. Is it price? Reception quality? Availability? Access? The amount of channels? Cable TV delivers television programming to your home or business via radio frequency signals that are transmitted through coaxial or fiber-optic cables. Reception quality […]

Why Does My Cell Phone Need a Boost?

I have a SmartPhone!  Why am I still getting dropped calls?  Why do I still have poor voice quality?  Low bars?  Weak coverage?  Dead spots?  Stuck text messages??!?! I have an iPad!  Why do I still have slow data rates?  Weak Internet? Just having a SmartPhone, iPad, or any types of high-end cell phone may […]

Staying on the Cutting Edge

Staying on the cutting edge of the audio/visual world as an audio and/or video company is a never-ending task. In this exciting age of ever-changing technology, a company featuring the latest in audio/visual equipment has to not only be constantly updating their products, but also provide continual training of the technicians that install and service […]

A/V Rental Company: Across West Michigan

Are you in charge of your extended family reunion on the shores of Lake Michigan this summer? Are you responsible for your business’ conference to be hosted in West Michigan this fall? Are you planning a winter or spring wedding? Has your computer crashed, and you need a replacement NOW! KVO Communications can help.  Whether […]

Design Your Own Home Theater

The Spring Parade of Homes 2014 has come and gone.  Did you find the home theater of your dreams?  Have you purchased the audio and visual components? Are you now ready to install it into your new or existing home? There are so many excellent audio and visual companies that offer superior products.  How do […]

Fifteen Years of “Service with a Personal Touch”

KVO Communications, Inc. is celebrating 15 years of “Service with a Personal Touch”.  After spending 15 years of working with another AV company, Owner Karl Van Oostenbrugge started KVO Audio & Video in Jenison, Michigan.  Five years later he built a barn behind his house and ran his business from there for the next seven […]