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Why Does My Cell Phone Need a Boost?

I have a SmartPhone!  Why am I still getting dropped calls?  Why do I still have poor voice quality?  Low bars?  Weak coverage?  Dead spots?  Stuck text messages??!?!

I have an iPad!  Why do I still have slow data rates?  Weak Internet?

Just having a SmartPhone, iPad, or any types of high-end cell phone may not be enough.  You may need a cell phone booster.

What is a cell phone booster? And why do I need one?

Poor cell phone reception is caused by two main factors:

  • The distance from the closest cell tower
  • Obstructions causing interference

Whenever you’re within the network of cellular towers that are strategically placed, your cell phone or mobile device will automatically connect with the closest cell tower.  However, as you move to the edge of a coverage area within your network, you may reach a point where you are too far from tower to sustain a consistent connection.  Your signal will continue to degrade, and eventually your call will be dropped.

Geographical elements and building materials between the tower and your mobile device also cause some degree of interference.  Whether its hills, mountains, and trees or metal siding, concrete, and wire mesh, major signal issues are the result.  Even the increased use of radiant barriers and window tinting in new homes contribute to cell phone reception problems.

No matter if the factor is distance, interference, or both, dropped calls and poor reception is the end result.

The answer?  Cell phone boosters.

Cell phone boosters are designed to address both factors causing poor cell phone reception.  Basically, it involves placing an amplifier – an external antenna – on a location currently receiving a signal, such as the roof, and pointing it toward the cell tower.  An internal antenna re-broadcasts the amplified phone signal throughout your home, office or commercial building.  Strong, two-way communication is ensured by the system working in reverse:  the signal from your phone is also amplified and broadcast back to the tower.

In addition to dropped and choppy calls being eliminated, voice quality will be improved, and the speed of cell based data such as the Internet increased.

So, if you are experiencing:

  • Dropped calls
  • Slow data rates
  • Poor voice quality
  • Low bars
  • Dead spots
  • Slow Internet
  • Weak coverage
  • Stuck text messages

The answer?  Cell phone boosters.


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