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Your AV Rental Source in Western Michigan: June Weddings and Graduations

June Weddings

June has long been the most popular month for weddings. In fact, when you google the history of June weddings, you will find that it goes back over two thousand years to Roman times. The month itself is named after the Roman goddess, Juno. Since she was the goddess of marriage and childbirth, many Romans chose this month to marry in order to honor her. They then hoped that Juno would shower them with good wishes.

There are other interesting traditions concerning the popularity of June weddings. In the 1400 and 1500’s, June was the month for their annual bath after a long, cold winter. Others say it has to do with the beginning of warmer temperatures making it possible for outdoor weddings and receptions. Also to be considered is the fact that June is when a multitude of flowers is available. This makes it possible to have a beautiful array of flowers at cheaper and very reasonable prices.

Whatever the reason may be, June continues to be the most popular month for weddings. If you are planning a June wedding – or spring or summer, KVO has all the audio/visual equipment you need.  We pride ourselves in providing “Service with a Personal Touch” to make your wedding a celebration to remember.

June Graduations

June continues to be the month for marking high school graduations. Graduating from high school marks the success in completing the mandatory thirteen years of education or the equivalent thereof to receive that all-important paper called a high school diploma. It is also the stepping-stone between adolescence and young adulthood. Either the graduate will be looking at obtaining job or going to college or vocational school.

No matter where the graduate is headed, an Open House or Graduation Party is in order. Depending on how you intend to celebrate, KVO has the rental equipment you need to make your event one that your guests will enjoy.


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