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Commercial Security Cameras Overview

Commercial Security Cameras & Systems Overview

In recent years, security cameras have become more & more important for businesses everywhere – when a business is your livelihood, keeping it business safe and secure is of the utmost importance. As you take the steps to making sure your security is in good hands, take a look at our list of commercial security cameras that we sell, and why they will benefit you & your business security.

HikVision Ultra Series (Smart IP)

These commercial cameras are many things, they are smart, they are advancing & they are trusted. The HikVision Ultra Series has 3 different series to choose from. Each series is unique with options of dome cameras, bullet cameras, and box cameras. These cameras feature various positives such as progressive scans, behavior analyses, & face detection & recognition. These cameras will keep your business safe & secure under any circumstance!

commercial security cameras

HikVision Deepin View Camera

These Commercial Security Cameras will be top on your list in a business setting where many people are present. These cameras have adopted various features including Face Capture, Flow Analysis, and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). Facial recognition cameras are also face tracking & will be successful in target recognition generally used in city & state settings. The Flow Analysis is useful in any retail situation (and much more) but will track the flow & queue of people. It can be set up to alert you once a queue gets to be a certain length and other useful insights. The ANPR now has capabilities to recognize objects & determine them as people or objects or cars. If it detects a car then the camera will move forward in determining the license plate number & direction of the vehicle.

Speco Technologies O4P4X

A Dome Security Camera that is tamper proof. This camera is bang for your buck housed in a small protective white house yet featuring 4x optical zoom lens. The O4P4X is perfect for any small business with wide ranger operation & a 1 year warranty.

GeoVision Surveillance Cameras

The GeoVision Company offers many high end surveillance commercial security cameras, so we just want to highlight a couple. The GV-ABL8712 is a bullet camera for the outdoor surveillance. This camera is top notch in providing all day and all night COLOR video & photo with zoom capabilities.

The GV-PPTZ14031 is a panoramic fisheye camera that can capture all angles of any given location. It’s a simple install with the ability to view live & set up motion detection, privacy mask & alerts through the web interface.

Axis Communications Axis Q19 Thermal Network Camera Series

Thermal security cameras can be great for your commercial setting, especially if you have a large perimeter where people can sneak on to premises from all around. The Axis Q19 is equipped for day and night high-quality thermal detection. These cameras make it possible for alarms to be set off in specific detection circumstances, they feature two-way audio capabilities & local storage.

These are just a FEW of the many commercial security systems that we offer for you. We are confident that we can find a camera that is right for your specific situation, and look forward to helping you find it. Need help or guidance to find the right security camera for your business or home?

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