Audio and Video: Into the Future and Beyond

Vintage Audio & Video Equipment

Excitement reigns!

No longer did they have to rely on an old-fashioned radio as did the Jones.  No, they, the Smiths, are bringing home a television!  Yes!  Not only could they now hear their favorite shows, they would be able to see them!

By 1947 there were 40 million radios in the US and only about 44,000 television sets. By 1955 millions were watching I Love Lucy, The Mickey Mouse Club, The $64,000 Question and more.  The pictures were viewed in black and white on a 15” screen with an antenna on the roof.

Since then, audio and video technology has made tremendous strides!  “TV’s” have not only made advances in homes, but in business and education as well.  KVO Communications offers state of the art audio and video technology and equipment for homes and businesses, providing “service with a personal touch.”

In this era of rapid advances in audio and visual technology, KVO believes in challenging the status quo with state of the art, cutting edge equipment.  Whether you are interested in constructing a theater room or surveillance equipment for your home or a 100-inch screen with a projector inside your company’s board room, KVO can provide the products, the installation, and the service.  Their installation crew is extremely experienced and will go the extra mile for you.  In addition, rental equipment can also be provided for both your business and home needs.

Gone are the black and white TV’s.  The roof-top antennas are rapidly disappearing.  Today it’s cable and satellite.  Tomorrow?  Prepare for the future and beyond and stay ahead of the Joneses!

Karl Van Oostenbrugge


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