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Service With A Personal Touch

It’s your grandma’s 90th birthday party.  You have uncles and aunts and cousins and more cousins and uncles and aunts coming in from all over the country.  You’re in charge of taking them all down Memory Lane.  Your grandma can’t wait to see the final result of all the pictures, home movies, slides, and more pictures that she gave you to put on a DVD.  (It took you a countlessnumber of hours of trying to work on getting those faded old black and whites to show up enough to recognize that there were actually people in them!  Much less the hours and hours and hours of jerky home movies!) Grandma will be so proud!

Audio & Video Equipment

You’ve gone to the hall to set up. You turn your projector on. Nothing. You readjust all the cords and wires. There’s something…. but it’s no better than the original old photos! You try again. Nothing. Readjust. Nothing. What do you do? You’ll be the laughingstock of all those cousins and cousins! And… what about Grandma????


You have a very important presentation this afternoon. Depending on its success you could make millions for your firm. And if you can make them millions, it could also mean a great promotion! You’ve worked for weeks on charts, graphs, a very incredible and persuasive PowerPoint. You’ve checked and rechecked your computer, the projector, and the screen. You start it all up for one last check. Everything is booting up nicely. Then… this and awful, horrible screeching noise fills the room. And then… silence. Total silence. It can’t be! The entire sound system has gone out! There goes your promotion (along with its hefty pay raise) right out the window.

What do you do!?!

You only need one name: KVO Communications. Whether it’s for a family affair or a business presentation, we rent state-of-the-art projectors, sound systems, or any other audio and visual equipment. We have fast fold screens that will give presenters a professional edge as well as hide all the unsightly cords and wires. We even have a stage to put it on! We have everything from extension cords to spot following lights to Ipads to handheld microphones to an amplifier/mixer.

You’re not sure how to pick it up? We’ll deliver it.

What about setting it all up? We’ll set it up for you.

You’re not sure how to run it? We won’t until we’re sure you understand it.

Is your grandma’s 90th birthday party too big? (After all, you have all those cousins coming!) No job is too big.

Is your business presentation too small? (After all, it’s only for your bosses and a few members of the Board!) No job is too small.

Our audio/visual rental department specializes in doing all they can to provide for your audio and visual needs for your business, family, or home. All jobs with receive that special KVO Communications touch. We only stock high end, state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment. We provide rentals throughout the West Michigan area.

Call us and you’ll once again be your grandma’s favorite grandchild and your bosses’ greatest employee. You may even get that promotion and raise! And you’ll get it all with…

“Service with a Personal Touch.”

Karl Van Oostenbrugge


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