One of our specialties at KVO Communications is the installation of Head-End Systems. We have experience in installing these systems in facilities such as assistive living facilities, manor homes, area hospitals, hotels/motels, and Bars and Restaurants throughout West Michigan. However, if you are a property owner whose business or home has TV’s in multiple rooms, we can provide HeadendHD TV Management that will ensure that your HDTV signals are the best for every TV in your property.


What is a headend? It is a system that distributes antenna and/or satellite signals to multiple rooms in multi-dwelling networks such as: 

– Hospitals

– Bars and Restaurants

– Retirement homes

– Condos

– Apartments

– Nursing homes

– Hotels

– Motels

– Assisted living homes

– Correctional facilities

– Rehabilitation centers

– College dorm rooms


KVO excels in engineering and installing Head-End Systems. Our highly qualified technicians are trained in using the correct meters, tools, and computer software needed for each specific system for your particular project no matter the size. In addition, we specialize in producing products that are organized and easy to use.


If you are a property owner whose home or business as multiple TV’s in various rooms, KVO’s expertise extends to you as well. We can provide you with a TV Management System that will ensure that your HDTV signals are the best for every HDTV in your home or facility. Today this means RF distribution with an emphasis on HD.

Maintenance and Service

KVO Communications does not only engineer and install Head-End Systems or HeadendHD TV Management, we also provide maintenance and service by our experienced technicians. We are dedicated to providing the same expertise and specialization we devote to our installation to our maintenance and service of Head-End Systems as well.


KVO Communications proudly provides installation, maintenance, and services for Head-End Systems and HeadendHD TV Management not only in Grand Rapids, but also throughout Western Michigan.