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Home Automation”, previously referred to as the “home of the future”, is no longer in the future...because it is here today. What began with TV, VCR, and stereo remotes has now evolved into the ability to control of all of the digital technology in your home - from your TV to your thermostat to your security - through one device, whether it’s your remote, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Home automation simplifies your life from morning to night.

So whether you’re building your new dream home here in West Michigan or just want to convert your current home into a “smart home”, we can make it possible now as an acclaimed dealer for Savant Smart Home Automation.

What IS home automation?

How wouldyou like to control all of your entertainment in your home from one device, from anywhere!

How would you like to come home after a long day of work…and be able to adjust the temperature, turn on your lights and favorite music all before you even turn into your driveway?

Home automation makes it possible for you to control your basic home functions such as climate control, entertainment, and lighting automatically and remotely through your computer or smartphone from within your home itself or from anywhere in the world that has access to the internet. This has been made possible through the Internet of Things (IoT) which involves the network of physical objects - from your thermostat to your Blu-ray - that are digitally connected to each other through the internet.


What used to take three remotes...now just takes one.


It can be as simple as a touch of the Savant app on your smartphone or just using your voice.

What are the benefits of home automation?

In addition to simplifying your life by making it possible to control all the technology in your home by using only one device, there are other benefits to home automation.

  • Simplifies your life: you now only need one remote or device.

  • Is cost effective: it lowers heating, cooling, and electric bills.

  • Is “Green”: it not only saves money, but also energy.

  • Is convenient: you can activate remotely from anywhere in the world.

  • Provides peace of mind: you can monitor your home from anywhere.

What can be controlled through home automation?

Basically, anything that is digital can be controlled through home automation. From your entertainment systems your security cameras, Savant offers access to your:

  • Entertainment systems

    • Home audio

    • Home video

    • Home theater

  • Climate control - HVAC

  • Security/Cameras

  • Lighting - inside/outside

  • Blinds/shades

  • Door Locks

  • Outdoor Speakers


KVO Communications is an acclaimed dealer and installer for Savant home automation products. What may look extremely complex, we make simple. We will customize your Savant home automation system so that it is unique to your needs, whether just for your entertainment systems or for all the digital technology both inside and outside your home. We will work with you until you are fully comfortable with operating your system. We are also easily available for any questions or support you may need after your automation program has been installed.

Benefits of a Savant Home installed by KVO Communications:

  • Your home automation system can be controlled by:

    • One remote

    • Computer, smartphone, or tablet

    • Smartphone app

    • Voice

  • Your system can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

  • We offer full support from the beginning of your project to any assistance you may need after installation.

  • Savant has been providing home automation for over ten years.

  • You receive a full 2-year warranty on your Savant products when bought and installed by us.

Is Savant home automation affordable?

Savant offers home automation products ranging from controlling only your home audio and video entertainment to a full-fledged Savant luxury smart home. You’ll be pleasantly surprised as to how affordable it actually can be.

Contact us to discover how home automation can transform your life.